Hi, welcome to my blog. My name is Bozhidar (Bojan to my friends), and it is clear that it is not a Spanish name. I was born in Bulgaria and there I was raised and I ended my studies. When I was 21 I came to Mallorca, and of course I fell in love with this island and 11 years later, here I am.

Since I came I walked a long learning way, learning the language and the culture and also the people from here. I worked as a gardener, waiter, bike shops… until I achieved to have my own business. Now that I am writing it, it seems easier than it really is. It feels weird to me, you know life is not as easy as it is in the social networks, LOL.

As I have said before, after 7 years learning, here I am managing Speed Bike Mallorca. This project started 4 years ago, with tons of illusion and no cash at all. I had 10 city bikes (10 pieces of pure steel) and look now; after working non-stop, from monday to sunday, no sleep, brainstorming until making me crazy and always thinking how to improve, and overall thinking in my customers (they are on holiday, lets make them happy, lets try not to fu… their cycling holiday), here I am with a beautiful bike fleet.

Now I can say that with my hands and my head I have a job that I enjoy.

Oh, wait… this is called “How everything began…” LOL. Ok; As you know, every child is curious of what’s inside his/her toy and how it works… and you know you have to disassemble it… My first bike was a heritage, made in Russia, Zaika was the brand. And I loved it and I dismantled it. At the end, after having some pieces of it that didn’t seem to fit anywhere in the bike, although I knew they were of it, it still worked!. It died because the frame broke.

I have learned a lot after all my experience, don’t worry, now all the pieces of the bikes and also all the pieces of my life fit in.

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