Hi there! How are you doing? Hope well. Today in  Mallorca, instead of  cycling  you can fry an egg just with the sun on the street, I think they will fry faster than a cyclist makes a km on a road bike, LOL.

Today I wanted to talk about how to see  Mallorca on a bike. In my opinion, to enjoy the island and visit the maximum places in short time it is better to  ride a road bike  than a  MTB.

Why, you would ask. Why not in a MTB? As I have said, in my opinion es better in a road bike because most of the roads are in a very good condition and if you use a specific cyclist map you will see that you can  travel  all around the island on the  road.

For me, an  MTB  is for riding on a dirt road and we do not have so many MTB routes and the ones that we have are quite short. If you go freely searching for these kind of  routes, you may find private hunting… I prefer the danger of the road than the danger of a shotgun, becoming the prey.

So, where can I go with a  road bike? I could say, wherever you want if you respect the traffic regulations and the natural enviroment.

Here I will give you some of the regulations here in Mallorca, you must follow them and don’t be a fool because apart from your life, you put into real danger others. We are always asking for respect, so please respect you too.

– Helmet. Always.

– Follow the traffic regulations and the signals. Follow them.

– As a cyclist you have to follow those traffic regulations as a driver would do. If you do not stop in red light, you face the same fee as a driver that doesn’t respect our 1,5 meters.

– Crosswalk: if you are going to cross as a pedestrian, you must go down from the bike. Decide what are you: cyclist or pedestrian.

– Rounds: you enter to the right, you go out to the right.

– Pedestrians have priority: on a crosswalk and also walking around the street. If we want cars to respect us, you must respect pedestrians as well an keep a security distance.

– Cyclists Groups: you must cycle on a line, and maximum two by two. In case of annoying the traffic, you must free as possible the road.

– We love  Serra de Tramuntana  (World Heritage by UNESCO), we love all the beautiful natural enviroment in  Mallorca. Take care of it as it is a World Heritage, it is yours as well! You are not the only one enjoying this place, so please do not throw plastics or shit (tubes, water bottles, gel…).

Welcome to  Mallorca, enjoy it and take care of it as maybe someday you will return.

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