Hi Riders, I would like to give my opinion and also answer some of you that are asking why I chose to rent Basso Bikes.

As some of you know, Speed Bike has been renting bikes for 5 years in Mallorca. During this time I have changed almost every year the bikes, from the city bikes to the MTBs and at last I found a road bike that just fit Speed Bike Mallorca standards and overall the stardards of my riders 🙂

Why do I chose Basso Bikes?

After all I have seen in Mallorca and after listening the opinions and the complains of the people that came through my shop to rent bikes, here at the outskirts of Palma, Cala Major, I decided to choose an exclusive brand that you could not rent in any “garage” of Mallorca, or as they like to self-proclaim themselves: “the leading bike rental company”.

“Remember: although some others use the name Speed Bike or Speed Bike Mallorca (even knowing is a registered brand) in their websites to reach the firsts positions on Google, the original, the one to choose is www.speedbikemallorca.com “

As I was saying, I needed a road bike that would be light, with good wheels and mounted with a good group. I saw one day, at the first hour of opening the shop, the Astra model, grey and green. I searched the brand. As you notice I didn’t know the brand before that moment, but I immediately fell in love.

I saw that they have been manufacturing bikes for 40 years, and because of the history and the many good opinions they have, I decided to contact with the italian brand.

I thought they wouldn’t answer me (something that had hapenned to me before with other brands I contacted to buy bikes). I was happily surprised when they answered me and with the attention I received from them, which was incredible friendly and professional.

So, it happened fast and easy. In a little more than 30 days I received the firsts Basso Bikes in Mallorca. From that day I entered in the Famiglia Basso Bikes.

After one year of using them, I am able to give my opinion on them:

First of all it is a very safe bike and very responsive. The bike is made with high first quality materials, MTC38 wheels from Microtech and a hundred of technical info that you can check at www.bassobikes.com

Second, they are very stylish bikes, with good aerodynamic forms and a rigorous hand made painting that looks absolutely wonderful.

Sorry, I am not the one that would talk bad of these bikes that, in a year in Mallorca, with the km done, with the humid weather, has given to me non a single problem, not a broken frame, no oxide at all and the painting is just like the first day.

To the question why I have Basso Bikes, the answer is because my riders love them! At the end that is the most important thing, and I love hearing their good words on these bikes and I am kind of sad of not having them from the first day.

If you are thinking of buying one, have no doubts!

Richard Smith

“A second time with Bojan and Speed Bike Mallorca (which tells its own story). Still as good as ever and the new Basso bikes are brilliant. I actually bought a Cube Litening after riding one having hired it last year – I’m now rather thinking I’ve made a mistake and should have bought a Basso!”