Like that, the Luxury Travel Guide gave us a new 2018 prize.

How it happened? How to be the best rent a bike in Mallorca?  Actually, I don’t know.

Last year, after a hard seasson I was preying for the year to end. I was exhausted, it was a very hard working year, working until late, cleaning bikes, fixing them, preparing them to receive people that had made a booking in Speed Bike Mallorca. So, I arrived one day at home, with my phone in my hand, when I received an email. I opened it and saw that someone (a customer) had nominated me for something called Luxury Travel Guide Awards. I didn’t think that was important and only thought that it was only spam, you know.

So I went happily and innocently to sleep.

The next day I remembered the mail and started to investigate a little about that guide and those awards. When I saw what was about I thought: “What the…? Can believe this is true!” My eyes could tell what they were saying. In that exact moment I called my wife to tell her. Yes, I did, because I couldn’t believe that a little shop could arrive so far and be near the biggest companies of the world. A little shop, born from nothing in Cala Major, a little shop to whom no one wanted to sell road bikes. There was I, with a rent a bike called Speed Bike Mallorca, shortlisted for a big award! In the email from the Luxury Travel Guide they asked us to accept or decline the nomination.

Excuse me? Of course I accepted!!

Although I was thinking that it was not so serious, I thought I will not win. But in the bottom of my heart I was looking foward it.

The time passed, my wife and I just forgot about it and suddenly a phone call from UK. I though it was a customer asking for some info about the bikes (and overall about the prices). – you know, people do not read within webpages, so my marvellous friend…thanks for reading 😉 –

The only thing I remember of that phone call was hearing ” incomprehensible… Luxury Travel Guide…”: Oh my God… I thought, and in that moment I forgot how to speak in English, or in Spanish, well ok, I forgot how to speak. I threw the phone to my wife. I thought that maybe I had won, but I was sure when I heard my wife saying; “Seriously?. I broke down of happiness! We won the “Excellence Service 2017 Award”.

It was a very big thing to me, like a gratification of all my work and effort of the last 4 years, a big personal achievement of a well done job.

All of this is because of my customers, my friends and family (ok, it is not an Oscar, but maybe I will never win one…). Laughs apart, I am really grateful with all my heart to the people that have made this possible.

And then, just being through the year, there you go! Another prize! Travel & Hospitality Award 2018 in Excellence in Service. And then, in November again the Luxury Travel Guide gave us another one, this time to the best Bike tour operator in Mallorca 2018 award!

I will defend them, I will honor them just giving my customers a great service year by year.

Maybe I should buy a shelves…